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Luchetti Store - Pentole e Padelle in alluminio Made in Italy

We like surprise,

without surprising

Discover our products

We like surprise,

without surprising

Discover our products

Our must-haves

Functional and essential. In the kitchen, there are accessories you cannot do without, because they enhance cooking while preserving the characteristics of the raw material.
Discover Luchetti's must-haves:

Our lines

Designed in partnership with professional chefs, our lines combine elegance and practicality, offering exceptional handling and total safety in food handling. From everyday use to the backroads of star-studded kitchens, Luchetti products blend high design with high quality standards.

Our kits

Cooking is an art, and with Luchetti kits, quality and practicality come together to give you the opportunity to create exceptional dishes every day.

Our gifts

Dedicated to those who love to cook. Dedicated to those who want to improve their experience in the kitchen. It gives all the versatility and functionality signed by Luchetti.